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Smash Brothers Tournament Wii U Potluck Entry

Smash Brothers Tournament Wii U Potluck Entry

  • $10.00


10$ Entry Fee, or Entry Fee is WAIVED by having a Game On! Membership Pass, which is 25$ a month.

We need 10 people to pre-register to have the event run as described for 10 to 25 Attendees: Prize'pool determined by attendance

1st Place: 40% 2nd Place: 30% 3rd Place: 20%

• Sets are best of 3.
• Items set to off.
• Customs set to off.
• Two Stocks
• Six Minutes

• Battlefield/Miiverse
• Final Destination/ Omega
• Town & City
• Smashville
• Lylat Crusie

• Dreamland 64
• Duck Hunt

Play Rock-Paper-Scissors for first ban.

First Round:
Ban from Starters Stage List 1-2-1 and game is played on the remaining stage.

Post-First Round:
Winner of the last game bans 2 stages from either list and Loser picks a stage from what's left on either list.

❱ IMPORTANT❗ Winner of the last game also has to change character, if at all, before the losing player, but after Stage Selection. After the losing player changes character the Winner is theoretically no longer allowed to switch character.

Dave's Stupid Rule:
You cannot pick a stage that you have previously won on in the set, unless your opponent agrees to it.

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