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  • We are a local game lounge in Sylva, North Carolina. Our grand opening was October 1st through October 9th in 2016 in a small shop in an old building across from McDonalds. Game On was originally started by Christopher Orellana in late 2016. He had a dream to be the first game lounge in western NC. When Christopher was a kid he would go down to the local arcade. Later on, he had a son and wanted to give him the same experience as when he was a child, which led him to open up Game On.

Game On is for gamers, comic book fans, and players of Magic the Gathering, D&D, or any of your favorite games.   Come hangout in comfort and play on several consoles: VR,  PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, Game Cube, and Nintendo 64. We charge for hourly gaming and offer memberships, tournaments, and multiple programs for rewards.  We offer grades incentive programs for all students of all ages and Free Wifi for students to do homework while they wait for friends to come and play.

Enjoy some gaming, comic books, MTG (magic the gathering cards), and Asheville Underground Music Passes & CDs. We hope to see you in our game lounge soon.  

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